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Instructor - Richard Akmentins

Richard Akmentins (1990) European windsurfing vice-champion 2009

     Working as a Windsurfing, SUP and Alpine ski instructor in Latvia, Austria, Italy and France.

I am good at explaining very complicated things in simple words, so that everyone could understand and learn these types of sports. I am very communicative and enjoy conversations about life, travelling and news. I always find joy in teaching and try to approach each one very individual. Every lesson is a new challenge with new and joyful people. The easiest way of learning is by doing it with joy and that is why I always explain where there is the joy, why we are doing this and how good we will feel at the end. We feel happy by doing what we can do and what we are good at that is why at the beginning we have to do that with extra joy, so that we can learn fast enough and could enjoy our comfort zone.


     English, Russian, Latvian

Sports education

     Certificate of 1st level ski instructor, passed at the Austrian Snowsport Academy (2012)

Experience and achievements

     Alpine skiing - from 1992

     Windsurfing - from 1997

     SUP - from 2010


  • 1st place - Latvian championship 2015 Raceboard class

  • 1st place - Latvian championship 2014 Raceboard class

  • 1st place - Latvian championship 2013 Raceboard class

  • 1st place - Latvian championship 2012 Raceboard class

  • 1st place - Neilpryde Baltic cup 2011 RS:X class overall

  • 1st place - Latvian cahmpionship 2010 RS:X class

  • 2nd place - European championship 2009 Raceboard class overall

  • 1st place - Latvian championship 2009 Raceboard class

  • 1st place - Latvian championship 2008 Raceboard class

  • 2nd place - Latvian championship 2008 Slalom class

  • 1st place - Audi Neilpryde Baltic cup 2007 Raceboard class

  • 1st place - Ice and Snow Sailing World Championship 2009 overall

Alpine skiing

  • 1st place - Latvian season overall in Alpine skiing (2002)

  • 2nd place - Latvian youth championship in Alpine skiing (2001)

  • 1st place Livigno ski school cup 2001, Italy (2001)

  • 1st place - Sigulda cup (2000)

  • 2nd place Open championship in Alpine skiing (1999)

  • 1st place - Sigulda cup (1999)


  • Life motto? Don't worry be happy (bobby mcferrin)

  • Zodiac sign? Sagittarius

  • What is your attitude towards work? Always do my job till the end and never leave things unfinished

  • How you would spend your free time? In cheerful company, doing sports or watching good movie

  • How often do you listen to music? In good company or while driving car

  • Do you read books? Very rarely, beacuse ususally I got more interesting activities

  • Do you read newspapers? I usually read news on the Internet, sometimes I read magazines and newspapers

  • Your favorite type of music? Pop, rock

  • Your favorite artists? Beatles, Beach boys

  • How often do you watch TV? Almost every time when I am home

  • How often do you go to the cinema? Few times a year

  • What type of movies do you enjoy? Comedies with good actors and psychological movies

  • Your favorite movies? Home alone, 3 musketeers, Robin Hood, Zorro

  • What characteristics do you have? Always find good and joy in everything. Anticipate the possible outcomes in every situation

  • Are you more introvert or extrovert? More introvert

  • How your friends value your intelligence? Very smart

  • What things dominate you? Mind and intellect

  • Key to happy life? Don't worrie about the things you cannot control but do what makes you happy and be happy with what you have

  • What is your dressing stype? Sporty

  • How often do you do sports? Every day

  • What are your interests ? Sports, table games and travelling

  • What is your dream land? Italy

  • What do you think about cooking? I like cooking, it aften tastes better when made by yourself

  • How often do you eat outside home? very rarely, I choose home cooked meals

  • What food do you like? Italian, chicken dishes

  • What things would you do when retired? Raise children and travel with them

  • What cheers you up? Nice surprises and sweet behavior

  • What tree things would you take with you to a deserted island? My family, yacht and windsurfing equipment

  • What are you proud of? With my achievements, family and people around me

  • What are your bad qualities? Not always I say what I think

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